Hauptmeier | Recker

Since 2009 the composers Martin Recker (1991) and Paul Hauptmeier (1993) have been working together as an artist duo in the field of sound- and multimedia art. In addition to works for theater and opera, live electronics, radio and electro-acoustic music, their focus lies on sound installations in public spaces. In these installations, they utilize multi-channel audio systems to create immersive experiential spaces in which social issues are negotiated and made accessible to a broad public. Both studied composition under Robin Minard at the Hochschule für Musik Franz Liszt Weimar and currently finishing their masters in composition with Maximilian Marcoll.

They are a co-founders of the ZiMMT  (Center for immersive media art, music and technology) in Leipzig. ZiMMT is a venue, production and research space focusing on immersive media and specialised in 3D Audio technology.