Drei Köpfe

“Drei Köpfe” is an audio visual work inside an augmented reality. The work was realized to be viewed on smartphones or tablets and can be played almost anywhere. If you open the app it will show your surrounding through the camera of the device. This environment is augmented by three virtual sculptures positioned in 3D-space. Unique sound-textures are emitted from inside these sculptures. Those sounds behave according to real word acoustic properties including attenuation, dampening and resonance in relation to the sculptures’s virtual architecture. The audience can move between the sculptures and explore them from any angle. While walking around you hear the sounds blend and change. You can also enter the sculptures and be fully immersed by the individual sound- and visual textures. This piece was my first attempt integrating AR into the practice of sound-installation. It was a starting point to research the technology and artistic possibilities of this media.
an augmented reality installation by Paul Hauptmeier visual textures by Elisabeth Kraus
filmed at ZKM Karlsruhe in June 2019 during the next_generation 8.0 festival