Cultural Sounds? is a sound installation realized in 2016. Commissioned by the Festival Genius Loci Weimar, this installation was located at the Hafez Goethe Monument in the centre of the city.
The monument symbolizes the connection between these two poets and stands for dialog and exchange between different cultures. »Cultural Sounds?« is an immersive journey through the soundscapes of different cultures.
We see the Hafez Goethe Monument – a location that represents an understanding and interexchange that transcends geographical and cultural boundaries – as a call to question prejudices, cultural clichés and separation. By deconstructing the culture specific acoustic quotations, the binary juxtaposition of orient and occident is criticized and the alleged contradiction is repealed. The essential material for the work includes field recordings from Germany and Iran, interviews with people familiar with the Iranian and German cultures, as well as processed instrumental recordings and abstract sound objects.
Using the multichannel audio system with 38 loudspeakers, the soundscapes will be lifted to a hyper-realistic level. The audience is able to move freely through the installation and can spatially perceive the sounds in an especially high acoustic quality, regardless of their position or orientation.
Special thanks to our friends and interview partners Niusha Ramzani and Saman Moeinsadat. Saman Moeinsadat also kindly contributed some recordings from Iran.